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What You Need To Know About Fibonacci Bands

Leonardo Fibonacci, a thirteenth-century Italian mathematician, is credited with discovering the Fibonacci sequence, which underpins this technical analysis tool. So what are Fibonacci Bands? Fibonacci Bands are a technical analysis tool used by traders to measure price volatility. The bands are created by plotting two lines, an upper and lower band, around the moving average of the price. … Read more

Hedge Funds Crashing Crypto Markets

In the last few years, traditional hedge funds have begun dipping their toes into the cryptocurrency waters. However, they are mostly taking a conservative approach by making small-scale investments. The cryptocurrency market became increasingly popular when coins like Bitcoin shot significantly in value, turning some of the earlier investors into overnight millionaires.  In the first … Read more

Fibonacci Levels

It is characteristic of the stock prices to fluctuate daily. The prices move from one direction to another and bounce back. Fibonacci levels play a critical role in highlighting movements.   Fibonacci is a popular term among technical traders thanks to the role it plays in helping them identify trend-trading entry points. The Fibonacci retracements are … Read more

Top Trading Websites

With the many options available, choosing a trading website can be challenging. Trading platforms often have a few differences in terms of the services they offer, the trading technology they use, the usability of the platforms, and so on. When searching for a suitable trading website, most investors look for platforms that provide fast execution, … Read more

Fibonacci Indicator Explained

As an active trader, you have probably noticed that asset prices follow particular patterns. A consistently occurring pattern consolidates price changes. Usually, financial assets trade within a tight range, consolidate a recent move, moving to a different range before they repeat the entire process. Even in ongoing market trends, asset prices usually target certain levels … Read more

Ask & Bid, What is It Really?

The stock market works similarly to an auction where individuals, governments, corporations, and other types of investors trade and buy securities. Investing in stock has been proven to be one of the best ways to generate wealth, especially long-term. When investing, it is crucial to know the various options for buying and selling at your … Read more