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Trading Signals Recommendations

Signals provide trading tips from seasoned analysts or automated systems like Artificial Intelligence software. Traders under a specific signals provider will get recommendations on what to trade as well as when to enter or exit trades. Choosing the best provider is not a walk in the park. 

You need to read reviews and assess a provider’s reputation. It also requires you to work with good brokers that offer the best signal platforms. Forex signal recommendations help new traders make the best decisions without necessarily applying a lot of knowledge. 

That, too, can be challenging; after all, there are numerous signal platforms in the financial markets, and most make bold claims about their past successes without backing them with any verifiable data. Here are some recommendations of the best trading signals providers in today’s market to save you the trouble.

1. Learn 2 Trade

The Learn 2 Trade platform offers forex trading signals, market analysis, trade ideas, real-time market news, and trade recommendations. It supports traders globally, providing insights into major currency and crypto pairs as well as commodities. 

Learn 2 Trade has two types of signal recommendations, a premium subscription plan, and a free service. Regardless of your plan, Learn 2 Trade’s automation feature will run advanced technical analysis on a majority of minor and major currency pairs and several exotics. Once the platform identifies a signal, you will be notified through its telegram group.

2. 1000pip Builder

Another signals provider under this category is 1000pip Builder, one of the best platforms available. The provider has a history of offering high-quality signals for a long time and has performed relatively well even in the harshest market conditions. The primary advantage of working with 1000pip Builder is that the platform can prove its performance through historical data verified by independent parties.

The verification increases members’ confidence in the signals that the site provides. As a business, 1000pip Builder has built an impressively loyal following over time and comes highly recommended by its members. Many experts and user reviews are online if you want to read about the site’s performance before applying its services.

Apart from the platform’s high-performance signals, members enjoy one-to-one support from lead Trader Bob Hames. It allows members to benefit from the signals simultaneously and hone their trading skills. If you are serious about becoming an experienced trader, 1000pip Builder is an excellent platform.


The platform is a great avenue for beginner traders. Today. It has one of the leading thematic Telegram channels, where it offers free signals. Admittedly, experts are typically only able to get the high-level experience with a paid plan to their VIP channels. However, this happens when the potential investment has a significantly short return period.

VIP subscribers get up to 15 signals for different currency pairs, oil, and gold.


Members of, perhaps the best United States-based broker, have free access to the platforms Advanced Trading Platform tools such as Pivot Points. These offer trading signals that you can use to exit or enter trades. The Autochartist is another of the broker’s tools, and it automatically scans the forex market highlighting trading opportunities you can use as trading signals. It identifies the chart patterns you’re interested in trading.

Autochartist also provides projections of what might occur next based on the pattern’s technical analysis interpretations. Another feature you’ll find on is the Recognia technical analysis portal. It makes it easier for traders to plan their trading activities by displaying short-term opportunities based on support and resistance levels, pivot points, and various indicators used by technical analysts.

You can ultimately have a clear, detailed explanation of why a particular trade makes sense and even receive alternatives in case the market shifts. 


It is one of the oldest and most successful online brokerages and was established in 2011. This leading platform is regulated by different regulatory bodies and provides numerous valuable tools, including trading signals that traders can utilize to improve their experience.

Traders can apply FXTM signals for copy trading if they are subscribed to the service. Once you’ve bought into a plan, the platform’s invest forex signals allow you to copy every single trade automatically from other traders whose trades interest you.

6. RoboForex CopyFX

This platform is known for its various trading automation services. RoboForex CopyFX is one of the best ways for traders to profit from the markets. On this platform, you can subscribe to receive signals from the most successful traders and copy their trades automatically. It is one of the most effective providers today.


These are the top trading signals recommendations providers in the market. Whether a new or experienced trader, you can significantly benefit from these platforms. Before subscribing to any of the above, go through their features to see which one best suits your trading strategy.

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