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Top Trading Websites

With the many options available, choosing a trading website can be challenging. Trading platforms often have a few differences in terms of the services they offer, the trading technology they use, the usability of the platforms, and so on.

When searching for a suitable trading website, most investors look for platforms that provide fast execution, mobile application, low costs, and technical analysis tools. 

Trading websites are all different, and what you choose boils down to the account features you feel will support your trading activities. The good news is that there are several brokers that meet individual trading needs. Depending on your trading preferences and priorities, there are different trading platforms to choose from.

Here are some of the top trading websites.

1. Fidelity Investments

The trading minimum on the platform is $0, and traders are not required to pay online U.S. EFTs and stock fees. There are also no base commissions for options trading on the platform. It also offers over 3000 no-transaction-fee mutual funds.

You can trade bonds, shares, fractional shares, options, mutual funds, and ETFs on Fidelity Investments. Cryptocurrencies are also available, but crypto-based products are not.

The trading platform has a mobile application with advanced features compatible with Android and iOS. Fidelity offers traders advanced screeners that rely on extensive research to support you in making decisions. Several strategy testing tools use ten years of historical data. 

The platform also offers multiple customer support options 24/7.

Fidelity Investments is ideal for both retirement investors and active traders. If you are a stock trader, you will find all the trading features that matter.

2. Interactive Brokers

The account minimum for Interactive Brokers is $0, and traders don’t incur account fees, whether it is for inactivity, annual fee, closing, or opening a trade. 

If you are an active trader looking for an advanced trading platform with multiple securities options, then Interactive Brokers is your platform. The platform is popular among casual and advanced traders and offers unlimited stocks and exchange-traded funds in the U.S. 

The tradeable securities include mutual funds, forex, bonds, stocks, ETFs, futures, and metals. The breadth and depth of the platform allow traders to trade positions that only a few brokers match. If you are interested in the global markets, you can rely on Interactive Brokers to give you the best account. 

On top of the market reach and securities versatility, Interactive Brokers comes with a powerful, customizable Trader Workstation tool to take your trade to the next level. The platform offers both free and subscription-based extensive research and data that can inspire your trading decisions.

3. T.D. Ameritrade

T.D. Ameritrade features $0 commissions, a user-friendly mobile application, an enhanced trading platform, educational programming, and a full-fledged trading experience. The platform caters to the needs of traders of all experience levels ranging from advanced traders to beginners. 

Being one of the largest trading platforms, it offers investors multiple platforms to suit their diverse experience levels. There are easy mobile application platforms for active traders who would love to trade on the go. There is also the powerful thinkorswim platform designed for casual traders. 

The most outstanding benefits of the platform include the educational programs which bring beginners to speed with the ins and outs of trading, multiple trading platforms for different experience levels, and user-friendly mobile applications and web platforms.

The tradeable securities include mutual funds, stocks, futures, options, and bonds. The traders can also enter several order types like trailing stops, stop-limit, and conditional orders, among many others. 

4. Webull

Are you an active, intermediate, cryptocurrency, or options trader? Then look no further; Webull is designed for you. Webull offers the lowest fees without compromising your trading experience compared to most trading platforms. 

What stands out about Webull is the low cost of trading which features $0 commission, per-contract fee, and stocks trades. 

The platform also offers the traders user-friendly web and mobile applications. Through the platform, traders can access 11 cryptocurrencies for trading. Other available securities on the platform include ETFs, options, ADRs, and stocks. 

Both the web and mobile platforms come with advanced screeners, charts, price alerts, and other valuable indicators for trading. The best part is that the multiple interfaces come with a user-friendly and straightforward interface. The platform combines advanced capabilities with a minimalist feel and look. 

The only drawback with the platform is that it does not offer mutual funds trading.


There are tons of trading platforms you could use for trading. The above are examples of the top trading platforms with securities you would be interested in. To get the right platform to meet your trading needs, consider factors such as; the usability of the platform, indicators and technical analysis tool, low fees, the available trading securities, and customer support. Evaluate their capabilities to determine their suitability.

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