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How Can I Become a Better Trader?

Traders are not born successful; instead, they develop over time through practice. Being a good trader requires skills and hard work. The common traits you will find among successful traders include independence, forward-thinking, adaptability and agility, patience, and discipline. Anyone looking to become a trader in profitable stock needs to be ready to spend some … Read more

How National Holidays Affect Trading

National holidays are a time when everyone just wants to relax and enjoy themselves, including traders. There are about nine holidays observed by most countries around the world where trading is closed. The stock markets experience some changes during these national holidays. In 2022, the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and Nasdaq Stock Market close … Read more

Learn About the Basics of Economic Calendar

An economic calendar is used by investors to plan trades. It features scheduled dates of significant events that can impact security markets and prices. Economic calendars are usually available for free on a wide range of databases. Many investors across the globe use them for portfolio rebalancing and stay on alert for indicators and chart … Read more

Interesting Traders Social Accounts You Might Want To Follow

Social media is huge! With every passing day, it becomes more and more integrated into our lives. Today, one of the ways to find out about anything that is trending or happening in the world is to check out social media platforms. And, of course, this goes for traders as well. Many traders share their … Read more

What Is Herd Behavior In Trading and What Should I Do To Gain From It?

In today’s digital world, the trading industry has developed a lot. New methods and strategies have been invented. But some aspects of trading remain the same. One of these is herd behavior. What exactly is it, and how can you use it to your advantage? Read on. What is herd behavior? Trading has always been … Read more