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Pimp up Your Trading Desk

Now that you are sure about beginning day trading, you must ensure that you are working with the proper setup. Even as a novice, day trading from your smartphone or iPhone is not profitable. If you are serious about becoming a good trader, you need a proper trading desk.

The first step is to start with an excellent core system comprising multiple monitors. You can make this as complex as you wish and even expand it to suit your needs over the years. Most traders start with components as basic as a single external monitor and laptop. As their space and trading scale grow, they add more monitors.

Although your trading monitors are the stars of the show, they are not the only thing you require to enhance the quality of your activities. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of ways to pimp your trading setup.

1. Purchase a height-adjustable trading desk

Standing desks are becoming more mainstream in offices nowadays. Their popularity is justified since adjustable desks are ideal for a healthier workforce. Sitting the entire day can cause back issues. Having a standing desk at your work center is beneficial in several ways:

  • Reducing weight gain and the risks of weight gain: When you are standing for a few hours, you burn more calories than sitting. In addition to exercise and a proper diet, standing for some hours during your trading sessions will help mitigate obesity and weight gain.
  • Reduces neck and back pain dramatically: Many of those who sit at their desks for most of their working days complain about neck and back pain. With an excellent height-adjustable desk, you can reduce this dramatically by alternating between sitting and standing.

Because trading from home takes endless hours at the desk every day, investing in a desk that provides comfort and functionality is only sensible. Remember to spread out your working hub as well.

2. Get adequate screen space

As someone just getting into trading, you’ll soon discover that the screen is very powerful. Most traders have at least four screen displays on their trading desks. Some sophisticated setups even have up to twelve screens! Of course, this isn’t to say that you must have twelve display screens on your trading desk. The scale of your trading determines the number of monitors you get. Are you a small or big fish? How much you intend to expand in the future also matters.

Still, you need a proper screen set up to trade. Ideally, start with two screens or three if it’s within your budget. As your investments and trade power increase, you can always increase this number. Consider getting some monitor arms to suspend your displays to ensure that your desk is not cluttered. Ensure that they are flexible for a perfect viewing angle.

3. Add an ergonomic chair

A perfect trading chair goes with a great desk. From the time the market opens in the morning to the closing of every business day, you must stay focused to make the most of each rise and fall within the market. The best solution is to add a good-quality ergonomic office chair to your trading desk setup. These chairs are very comfortable.

Some top benefits of ergonomic chairs include:

  • Great neck support, thus effectively reducing the risk of a stiff neck or shoulders. In the long run, this reduces your risks of chronic neck issues. In extreme cases, untreated consistent neck stiffness could result in devastating conditions like cervical spondylosis.
  • Ergonomic chairs are significantly comfortable compared to standard chairs, which often cause discomfort because of the pressure constraints they put on your joints and bones.
  • This chair will help relieve back pain if you are experiencing any since it provides lumbar support. You’ll be able to keep the strain off your back during your long trading sessions.

4. Upgrade to fast internet

When trading, it is crucial to analyze the market in real-time. To keep up with even the slightest movements in the market, you need the best high-speed internet connection you can afford. Internet connectivity is an essential factor in market trading. If you cannot scan the market, you’ll be unable to know when to buy and sell, significantly affecting your trading. Shop around for the best internet provider for fast and reliable connectivity.


Pimping your trading station might sound superficial, but it isn’t. With the best setup, you will be able to focus and pay attention the entire time, which is vital. You don’t have to upgrade everything all at once save for the monitors, which are mandatory. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need the most complex monitor setup to be the best trader. What truly matters in your trading plans are the rules and analyzing skills.

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