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Trading Signals Recommendations

Signals provide trading tips from seasoned analysts or automated systems like Artificial Intelligence software. Traders under a specific signals provider will get recommendations on what to trade as well as when to enter or exit trades. Choosing the best provider is not a walk in the park.  You need to read reviews and assess a … Read more

Trading Signals Explained

A trading signal precipitates market action, either buying or selling a financial asset or security, and is generated by analysis. The latter can be human-generated in the form of technical indicators. It can also be generated through mathematical algorithms based on market action, sometimes in combination with market factors like economic indicators. Ultimately, trading signals … Read more

Is This a Good Time to Invest In “Holiday Stocks”

The stock market is affected by seasons. For instance, in summer, the market slows down as most traders take a break from activities leading to low trading volume and high volatility. In the case of Christmas, the market usually witnesses an increase in trading activity the day before a long weekend or holiday. The holiday … Read more

Summer Time Effects on Trading

Seasonal changes affect the stock market. During the different seasons, you may notice notable changes in stock prices, that is, the rise or fall of share prices. This is often a result of the changes in traders’ activity in the market.   It is summer, and the stock market is expected to experience some peculiarities. Experienced … Read more

Best Crypto Wallets

Like cash, you need a wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Traders buying cryptocurrencies from exchanges can leave the keys to their tokens on the exchanges or move them to a crypto wallet.  While they share the storage with cash wallets, crypto wallets don’t store actual cryptocurrencies. Your cryptos remain on the blockchain, but your private … Read more

The New Banks. Say Hello to EMIs

There has been a substantial shift from Banking to Fintech, which has brought about new players into the market. These new stakeholders are causing major disruptions to the Banking scene and, in addition to relatively new legislation in the field of payment, have resulted in the emergence of new products and services. Overall, the payments … Read more

The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis use in the North American continent, Canada and USA, has increased significantly in the past few years. Although the number of teenagers using cannabis has reduced, the number of adult users is gradually and steadily rising. Forbes had projected the global cannabis industry to rise to $31.4 billion in 2021, which didn’t fall too … Read more